Barcelona Festival of Song

Payment options

There are three payment options that students can consider: paying the full tuition price in full, deferring the payment, or using the flexible payment plan. Students can either pay with Paypal or by depositing the money into the US bank account.



When you send your application materials you have to pay a 60€ non-refundable fee. This is to process your application. You can pay the application fee through Paypal in the same application form.

Once you have been accepted in our program, in order to secure your spot you have to make a Minimum Initial Deposit of 999€. At that time you also have to choose the best payment option available.

Your tuition fee varies according with the deadline you choose to complete your payment with. This means you have to choose from the 3 deadlines we offer. You can choose between 3 Payment options:


Pay in Full:

Pay Full Program Tuition Price

This option is best suited for participants who want the security and incentive that your Spot at the Barcelona Festival of Song is guaranteed. Your placement is guaranteed and we will provide you a full refund if we fail to secure your summer program. That is how confident we are in your Summer Program placement.

Pay in 30

Pay in 30: Deferred Payment - Requires a 999 € Initial Deposit

This is our most popular payment option. For a minimum Initial Deposit of 999E you can secure your enrollment and guarantee your participations in our Summer Program. You will have 30 days to pay the remaining balance. This option is ideal for those participants that need additional time to secure funds for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!. This option is available only for people who register before March 15th.

Installment Plan

Flexible Payment

Our installment plan provides the most flexible payment option and includes our Summer Program participation Guarantee. You make three equal monthly payments. An installment fee is included in your payments. A 999€ deposit is required to start your installment plan.

Payment Method

How to pay?


Paypal & Credit Card: To make your life easier we arranged everything to allow you to pay using your credit card trough Paypal. Paying with Paypal has an extra fee of 3%. In order to be able to pay with Paypal you have to go to and open a free account that allows you to send and receive money. This is a very safe and trustable way to send money online. We have used it since 2001 with great results.

Depositing the money in our US account: You can deposit the tuition price in our US bank account with no extra costs.

Cancellations policy:

If after registering you cancel your participation between June the 1st, 2019 and the beginning of the program it results in retention of the 80% of the tuition. Cancellations at any other time will result in retention of 38% of the amount paid.