Barcelona Festival of Song

Visiting Barcelona

There are beautiful beaches, music venues, and restaurants that students can visit while participating in the Barcelona Festival of Song.


discover barcelona!

Barcelona was originally a small Roman city called Bàrcino which, over the centuries, developed into an important medieval city. The splendor of that period ended at the start of the modern era with the War of the Spanish Succession. Even so, the city progressed with the times, industrializing and becoming the economic driving force of today's Catalonia.


Fine dining

Barcelona’s restaurant scene is lit up by a constellation of Michelin stars. Some of the city’s restaurants hold two or three each.  You can sample dishes in this city that you’ll not be able to try anywhere else in the world.


Music Venues

When it comes to the city of Barcelona it is able to offer to both residents and visitors alike some very amazing and special musical and cultural events throughout the year. In fact this city is able to offer a variety of musical events that you aren’t likely to find anywhere else in the world. So finding a venue that is suited to your particular musical tastes won’t prove at all difficult.