Barcelona Festival of Song


The Barcelona Festival of Song focuses on the study of the Iberian and Latin American art song in Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan. We study the vocal repertoires of Spain, Catalunya and Latin America.


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The Barcelona Festival of Song is focused on the study of the Latin-American and Iberian vocal repertoire, it means we study vocal repertoires written by composers from Spain, Portugal, and all Latin-American countries in Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan and indigenous languages of Latin-America.

We also embrace the vocal repertoires that are related to the Iberian music; these include but are not limited to the Sephardic, Arabic and Mediterranean music.

Regarding time, we study repertoires of the XIX, XX, and XXI centuries, including music written by contemporary composers. The Festival each year commissions the composition of a new song cycle that is premiere during the opening concert of the event.

There are thousands of composers from Latin-America and Spain that have written beautiful art songs for voice! Unfortunately, singers don't have the opportunity to know their music because these repertoires are not taught at universities. As a result, singers think these music doesn't exist and don't have the tools to look for themselves.

For this reason at the Barcelona Festival of Song, we give the participants all the tools that allow them to look for the music and to learn the style of interpretation. We also make the songs available at