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The Argentinean Art Song: irma Urteaga Complete Works for Voice & Piano

The Argentinean Art Song: irma Urteaga Complete Works for Voice & Piano


Argentinian art songs by Irma Urteaga - Latin American art songs by women composers

Aware of the difficulties that creative women have faced to promote their work, in 2015 Patricia Caicedo published this book with the complete songs for voice and piano by Argentinean composer Irma Urteaga. In addition to the scores, the book includes an introductory study in which deepens on the development of the art song in Argentina, a biography of the composer, notes about the works and the poetic texts of the songs written by the composer. It provides translation of the poems and IPA transcriptions.  The study is in Spanish and in English.

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Irma Urteaga is one of the most prominent composers of her generation in Argentina. This book compiles for first time all her art songs for voice and piano. The poems are by Argentinian poets, mainly female poets. The book provides interpretation guides and notes about the songs written by the composer herself. The book is very comprehensive and provides an introductory study talking about the art song genre in Argentina, poetry translations and IPA transcriptions. You can hear the song Canción de cuna para mi corazón solitario in the CD Miraba la noche el alma, an album dedicated to the art songs of the Latin American and Catalan women composers.