Besides studying the repertoires in Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan, we will dedicate particular attention to the Sephardic songs and to highlight the Arabic contribution to the Spanish song.

Summer Program for Classical Singers in Barcelona

Learn vocal repertoire in Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan!.

Perform in beautiful venues in Barcelona

MUNDOARTS TV: channel promoting Latin American & Iberian Music & Arts

The Barcelona Festival of Song launched MundoartsTV an online TV channel dedicated to promoting Iberian & Latin American Music & Arts.

On the channel, there is a special section for the concerts of the Barcelona Festival of Song and for interviews with composers and creators.  

In 2018 we will highlight the

Sephardic and Arabic contributions

to the Iberian song repertoire

In the Barcelona Festival of Song, you have the opportunity to sing at beautiful venues in the vibrant city of Barcelona.

One of the most exciting cultural destinations, Barcelona is a special place for art, music & culture lovers. Get ready to sing and learn in Barcelona and find out more about getting here and what to do in this vibrant city.

Summer Program & Concert Series of Latin American & Iberian Vocal Repertoire

Created in 2005 to promote the Iberian and Latin American Vocal Repertoire, the centerpiece of the Barcelona Festival of Song® is a Summer Course for classical singers, collaborative pianists, guitarists & musicologists focused on the History & Interpretation of the vocal repertoires in Spanish, Portuguese & Catalan.

Each year the festival commissions composers, poets and painters to

create new works

Since its creation, the festival commissions a composer to write a new song cycle that is premiered at the opening concert. It also commissions poets and painters who create new works, fostering a multidisciplinary space.

We are proud to announce the commisioned artists for the festival 2018 are Edmundo Villani-Cortes (1930), one of the most important living composers of Brazil, Cuban Mariela RodrĂ­guez (1986), Spanish poet Santiago Montobbio (1966) and the American painter Susan Martin.

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